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Bill Barry, Labor Studies 101


Bill Barry,
Labor Studies Program Director (Retired)

4204 Elsrode Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21214
(410) 426-3966

Leverage: Get it or Go Home

My Biography

New books
First Contact to First Contract:The Organizer's Handbook
Union Strategies for Hard Times
The New Union Officer's Handbook

Speech to Young Trade Unionists in Baltimore--January 4, 2010

Radio interview with "Flash" Ferenc about Hard Times

YouTube: Take A Labor Studies Class

Pete Seeger Singing Solidarity Forever

Labor History 1 Labor History 2 Labor Law 1 Labor Law 2
Grievance & Arbitration Collective Bargaining Labor & Movies Sociology 101
American History 1 American History II Organizing

Lobbying & Political Action

Steelworker History Project The History of the 1930s The Marc Steiner Show Labor Studies Television Ad


Labor Day Parade 2009 "Someone Else--R.I.P"

Labor Day Radio Editorial-2009

New Officers Seminar Solidarity Labor Day Op Ed-2005 Workplace Rights