Bill Barry is a regular contributor to various magazines and internet sites on topics of interest to workers. Here is a selection.

Book Reviews
"After The Strike" from the Maryland Historical Society Journal
"Black Days" from Labor Studies Journal
"Union Women" from Labor Studies Journal
Confessions of A Union Buster
from The Nation

Blue Collar Blues (from Local 189)
The American Labor Movement (from Local 189)
Woody Cisco and Me
(from Local 189)
The Strike of 1928 (from Local 189)
Sin Patron from Labor Studies Journal

From The St James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide (2004)
Gabriel's Rebellion
The Molly Maguires
Frederick Winslow Taylor

From The World Encyclopedia of Class (coming in 2007)
Walter Reuther
Eugene Debs
Films and the Depiction of Class

From The College Board Advanced Placement Division
"Incorporating Labor History into U.S. History"

from Maryland Historical Society on-line History of Maryland
"Bethlehm Steel"
"Charles Schwab"

"Workplace Organizing" from Peacework Magazine

Film and History
This site features reviews of documentaries of all kinds at its site

The following reviews are from the Labor section
At The River I Stand
The Fight in the Fields
The Wobblies
Settin' The Woods on Fire
Rustbelt Phoenix