CCBC Labor Studies
Grievance & Arbitration - Fall, 2011

Syllabus for Tuesday/Steelworker class

Steelworkers Union-RG Steel Contract

Syllabus for Wednesday/CWA Hall class

The Organizing Model of Unionism

Union Leadership

Levels of Participation

Co-Worker Survey

Harry Shulman Decision

"Unilateral" Decisions by workers

Dennis McDermott Anecdote

Grievance Overview

Processing A Grievance

Publicizing A Grievance

Grievances on Falsifying Applications

Background on the Arbitration Process

Presenting An Arbitration Case

Articles from Steward Update magazine

Outline of The Union Steward's Complete Guide

Weingarten Rights

Duty of Fair Representation

Duty of Fair Representation in OSHA cases

The Steward's Prayer

"Someone Else--R.I.P "

Creating Leverage
Teamsters Turn it Around
Power at Work