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Articles From Steward Update Newsletter

Steward Update is published by David Prosten, at Union Communication Services, Inc. (UCS) six times a year.  These articles appeared in the newsletter.

If your local is interested in subscribing to the newsletter, ordering information is at or you can contact UCS at 165 Conduit St., Annapolis, MD 21401; by emailing ; or by calling 1-800-321-2545.

Also, check out their terrific web site,

When the Boss is in the Bargaining Unit Troublemakers
A New Look At Grievances Workers Comp #1
Using the Fact Sheet Upgrade Grievances
Looking for Leverage The Recognition Clause
Grievances That Divide Protections During Probation
Defending Union Dues Electronic Organizing # 1
Electronic Organizing # 2 Dealing with Dr. NO
Stewards Defend the Home Front What Makes A Good Steward
Weingarten Rights
Steward's Public Speaking
Being a Steward in Tough Times

Off-duty Misconduct
Turn Negatives into Positives
Mid-Contract Negotiations

Discrimination Grievances

Reporting Back

Returning Veterans

Grievance is Property of the Union
Stewards Role in Negotiations

Workers Comp # 2
Electronic Organizing # 3
Stewards and Communications


The Disgruntled steward


Additional articles for steward training

Unions with Multiple Sites Building Stewards' Morale
The Cash Value of a Union Contract -I Electronic Organizing # 3
The Cash Value of a Union Contract-II Most Important Contract Clause?