HIST 112--American History II
Fall, 2011


Class Syllabus What is "History?"
Extra Credit Assignments
Writing Assignment # 1 Movie List Movie Review Format
Writing Assignment # 2    

Student Excuses

Term Project--Fall, 2011
Term Project Explanation
Document Analysis Worksheet
Image Analysis Worksheet

Selections of Source Materials

Instructor's Notes
The Contested West
Rise of Industrialism
The Gilded Age
US in the Global Economy
The US in World War I
The 1920's
The New Deal

World War II--Homefront
The Cold War
The 1960s

The Counter-Revolution (1968-1980)
Reagonomics 1980-2008 (inc)

Great History Web Sites
Eyewitness to History
History Matters
Listen to Genius
History Buff
Labor History Links

Student Presentation--Kevin Dix (2010)
World War I
World War I PowerPoint

Maryland Homefront During World War II

Guest Speakers (videos)
George DuBois: Cross Class Alliances in Baltimore Politics
Kirstin Downey: Frances Perkins, the Woman Behind the New Deal
Mary Walton: Alice Paul and the Suffragettes

Student performance of Alice Paul
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Guest Speakers
The Liberty Ship John W. Brown
Ernie Imhoff--Class Questions
Growing Up Baltimore
Sunni Khalid Class Questions

History as Controversy
Howard Zinn obituary
Howard Zinn history
The Bias of Howard Zinn

History as Controversy # 2
Teaching History in Texas-1
Teaching History in Texas-2
Teaching History in Texas-3

History as Controversy # 3
The Proposed Miniseries on the Kennedys

History as Controversy # 4
"Putting God Back into American History"
"David Barton: Propaganda Masquerading as History"

14th Amendment
Lindsay Graham
Anderson Cooper Debate
Alan Keyes

Repeal the 14th Amendment
Don't Repeal the 14th Amendment

The Dunning School (pro)
The Dunning School (anti)


Industrialism and Unionism
The B & O Strike
B & O Strike Timeline
Camden Yards and the B & O Strike
The Irish Railroad Workers Shrine

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Class Debate Assignments
The Chinese in California
Documents on the Chinese Exclusion Act
A History of the Chinese Exclusion Act
Supreme Court Cases on the Act
Chinese Workers in California

The Haymarket Situation


The 1930's
The Lost Woody Guthrie Records
The Great Depression to the Great Recession (YouTube)

America Before Pearl Harbor (photo show)