CCBC Labor Studies Program
LBST 218--Organizing
Fall, 2011
CRN # 95586

2011 Syllabus

Organizing Diagram

2011 Movie Evaluation

Organizer's Reading List

2011 Mid-Term Exam

NLRB Election Timeline

Targeting Culture of Organizing Assignment
"The Fear Factor" "A Vision of Organizing"
NLRB Direction of Election (sample)

"Agitational Communication" Assignment

YouTube: Agitational Communication in New Organizing

Anti-Union Campaigns
EnerSys Campaign
Jen Jason
Jen Jason Testimony
Anti-union Consulant
An Organizer's Innoculation
Supervisors as Anti-Union Leaders

Confessions of a Union Buster
Review by Bill Barry
Review by Michael Yates
Review by Barbara Noble

Employee Free Choice Act/Card Check
The Card Check Debate
Las Vegas Hotel Card Check

Non--Traditional Organizing
Child Care Workers
Canadian UAW and Construction

Salting & Stripping

National Mediation Board Elections
Delta Airlines/AFA-CWA

Top Down/Botton Up:The SEIU and CNA
"Justice or Just Us?"
The Catholic Health Care Partners Campaign
SEIU Statement on CHP Campaign
Marilyn Albert (NNOC) Statement on CHP Campaign
Warner Todd Huston Column

Top Down/Botton Up Andy Stern and Sal Rosselli
Two Views of Unionism
"The Stern Gang" Column
Sal Rosselli Resignation Letter
Democracy Now Debate (streaming audio)
Labor Notes Opinion
The Bosses Speak: Sutter Health Care Statement