CCBC Labor Studies
LBS 140 - Labor in the Movies
Spring, 2011 CRN:25151

Movie List

Writing Assignments

Book Report Form
Rin Tin Tin

"Labor in the Movies"--A Brief History

Online database of Labor movies & Documentaries

How Green Was My Valley and Class

Class Dismissed: How Television Portrays Workers

10,000 Black Men Named George
Class Discussion on 10,000 Black Men
"Fight or Be Slaves"
The Sleeping Car Porters
Organizing the Union

Blue Collar
Class discussion on Blue Collar

The Killing Floor
"No Time for Labor"
Class Discussion on The Killing Floor

Norma Rae
Class discussion on Norma Rae
Remembering Norma Rae
Crystal Lee Sutton
Crystal Lee Sutton Collection
"Whither Norma Rae?"
A Real-Life Norma Rae
Crystal Lee Sutton (1941 -2009)

Erin Brockovich
Class Discussion on Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich
"Erin Brockovich: The Brand"
Ed Masry
Ed Masry Obituary (2005)

North Country
North Country
Class Action Goes South
Too Pretty A Picture

Bread and Roses
Class Discussion on Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses
Justice for Janitors
Forward to Bread and Roses by Andy Stern

El Norte
El Norte
El Norte
Class Discussion
Bill Moyers Interview with Gregory Nava
Gregory Nava: Making El Norte
Immigrant Worker Debate

Salt of the Earth/On The Waterfront
On The Waterfront Class Discussion

Salt of the Earth Class Discussion

Salt of the Earth/On the Waterfront Timeline
Salt of the Earth Crib Sheet
Women in Salt of the Earth
Clinton Jenks
Clinton Jencks # 2
Clinton Jencks Obituary (2005)
Mine Mill Smelter Leaflet (1952)
Watching Movies with Barry Levinson
"The Hook"
"Still on the Waterfront" (2006)
Thomas Hanley
Elia Kazan Biography
"Legacy of the Blacklist"
Bernard Gordon and the Blacklist
The Directors Guild and the Blacklist
The Red Scare: A Filmography

Roy Brewer Obituaries
Washington Post
National Review

The Molly Maguires
The Molly Maguires Class Discussion
Molly Maguires Cast Sheet
The Molly Maguires----now a musical!!

Class writing assignment on F.I.S.T and Hoffa

"Chaplin in Caracas"