CCBC Labor Studies
LBST 108--Labor Law I
(The National Labor Relations Act)
Spring, 2010
CRN: 26089--Monday (CWA)
26091 Tuesday (Sparrows Point)
26093 Thursday (UA Local 602)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
signs the NLRA, with Secretary
of Labor Frances Perkins


Class Projects

Legal Triangle Diagram NLRB Structure

NLRB Election Procedure

NLRB Election Results

NLRB Direction of Election Proving an Unfair Labor Practice
How the NLRB processes a charge Weingarten Rights
Kentucky River Decision Kentucky River--NLRB Summary

"The Bush Board"-A Congressional Report

"Minority Unionism"

License Plate Law Suit

Jurisdiction Dispute example (2006)

In Search of A National Labor Policy

NLRB Reversals in Bush Administration

NLRB Web Site


Retriving Your Password

John Commons statement on Education

A Short History of U.S. Labor Laws

History of Labor Laws

Transcript of the Cordwainers Conspiracy Trial (1809)

The National Labor Relations Act

Statute of Laborers (1351)

The Condwainers Conspiracy Trials (1806)

Commonwealth v. Hunt (1842)

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890)

Loewe v Lawlor (Danbury Hatters) (1908)

The Clayton Act (1914)

Railway Labor Act (1926)

Schecter Poultry Corporation (1935)

The Wagner Act (1935)

FDR Statement on Signing The Act (July, 1935)

Jones and Laughlin Decision (1937)

Exclusion of Workers under the NLRA

Taft-Hartley Act (1947)

The Perfect Crime of Mr. Taft and Mr. Hartley (CIO)

Landrum-Griffin Act (1959)

Landrum-Griffin Act (LMRDA)--text of law

Government Takeover of Union
Archie Brown Obituary
ILA Trusteeship in Baltimore (2006)
ILA Election in Blatimore (2006)