CCBC Labor Studies Program
LBST/PALG 109--Labor Law II
Employment Laws
Spring 2011
CRN: LBST 25088

PALG 25086

Lois Jenson

LSBT 109 Syllabus
Class Reports on Labor Law
How to Analyze A Law
The Legal Triangle

Yahoo Workplace Law Sites
The U.S. Federal Court System
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
Summary of Title VII
Jack Cline Case

John Commons statement on Education

Class Action

Outline "Too Pretty A Picture"
 "Bias Breakdown" Class Action and North Country
"Whither the Women?" Lehigh Cement EEOC Case
Goodyear Law Suit/Comments (2006) Sexual Harassment
Hostile Environment Lily Ledbetter Supreme Court Decision

Race Discrimination
Love vs Pullman
"Finding A Noose" (1/2007)

Age Discrimination
Suing Donald Trump (1/2007)

Fair Labor Standards Act
The Debate over Minimum Wage
Washington D.C, Immigrant Law Suit
Home Health Care Workers Law Suit
Domestic Workers and Minimum Wage
Supreme Court Dumps Home Health Workers

Pension and Bankruptcy Laws
A History of Pension Legislation
Public Sector Pension Calculations
ERISA and the Maryland "Wal-Mart law"
ERISA and Maryland "Wal-Mart Law"

Sex Discrimination
What is "discrimination"
What is "sexual harassment?"
Porno Web Sites At Work
Judith Vladeck Obituary
Gender Pay Gaps

Americans With Disabilities Act
Diabetic Workers