CCBC Labor Studies
Labor History 2 - Spring 2009
CRN: 24580--Monday at CWA
24581--Thursday at UA Local 602
24582--Tuesday at Sparrows Point/Career Development

The Battle of the Overpass (May 26, 1937)

Syllabus--Sparrows Point
Book Report Form

Personal Labor History Project Outline

Instructor's Guide to Labor's Untold Story

Highlights of Modern Labor History (1860-2006)

The Rise of The Servicing Model of Unionism

Dashiell Hammett Letter

Ellie Leary: "Learning From Labor History"

A Brief History of Labor Music
Obituary of Archie Green
The "Lost" Woody Guthrie Records

Workplace "Lingo"--2010

Online data base of Labor Movies & Documentaries

Instuctor Notes
Labor History Timeline-1900-1940
Red Scare History(inc).
Labor History in the 20th Century (outline)
1946 Election
Labor History Timeline 1947-1980

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
A Short History of the IWW
Review of Big Trouble
Big Bill Haywood

The Lawrence Strike
Bisbee Deportation
IWW Reading List
"Beautiful Losers": A Historiography of the IWW
Interview of Utah Phillips by Amy Goodman (video)

The Rising of the 10,000

The Ludlow Massacre
Review of Killing For Coal

The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
The CIO Archives
Organizing Telegraph workers

John L. Lewis
Lewis Biography-1
Lewis Biography-2
John L. Lewis Portraits--UMWA Gallery

UAW/GM History
Building the Model T: video
1892-1935:Early Organizing
The Flint Sitdown Strike Timeline

Remembering the Sit-Down Strike Oral Histories
1935-1939: The UAW Grows
1939-1947: Dealing With Prosperity
UAW-GM Bargaining History (1937-1980)
The Battle of the Overpass #1
The Battle of the Overpass # 2
Genora Dollinger: Striking Flint
UAW Reading List
UAW Time Line

Sit-Down Strike Video

African-Americans and the Labor Movement
Black Labor History General Site
African-American Workers in the US: Timeline
"African-Americans and the American Labor Movement "
The Pullman Porter Museum
Sleeping Car Porters Union Card
Sleeping Car Porters Photo Exhibit
Black Workers at Ford Motor

Steelworker History
The 1919 Steel Strike
Steelworkers Organizing Committee (SWOC)
Orgaizing Sparrows Point

American Life Histories 1936-1940
The Federal Writers Project

The Great Depression: A Timeline

The National Labor Relations Act

Workers in the Cold War (1939-1960)
Timeline of the Red Scare
The Red Scare: A Filmography
The "Second" Red Scare: 1947-1954
The Taft-Hartey Act
Class Questions on the Cold War
Mark McColloch: Workers in the Cold War

Modern Workers Movements (1960-1980)
The United Farm Workers History Project
The Fight in the Fields review
Dolores Huerta Biography (video)

The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike
AFSCME Historical Exhibit on the strike
AFSCME-Memphis diagram
Memphis Sanitation Workers Biographies
Martin Luther King: Working Class Hero

Workers and the Viet Nam Invasion

"First they came for the Air Traffic Controllers "
The PATCO Strike
Joseph McCartin: Whither the Labor Movement