Fall, 2008

The first Labor Day Parade (1882)--courtesy Ted Watts

CWA Hall--Mondays
PG County--Thursdays
Book Report Form

Fells Point Labor History Walking Tour
Irish Railroad Workers Walking Tour

Labor Studies Holiday Party/1877 Railroad Strike

Incorporating Labor History into U.S. History (College Board)

Dashiell Hammett Statement
Bill Talcott Statement

Instructor's Notes

Introduction to Labor History
The Colonial Period
The Colonial Period--Outline

Workers in the War of Independence
The Cordwainers Conspiracy Trial
John Commons: Transcript of the Cordwainers Trial (1809)
Workers in the War of Independence--Outline
The Rise of the Factory System--Outline
Factory System1800-1860
Slavery as a Labor System
Workers in the Civil War
The Labor Movement--1865-1877

Electronic Reading Lists
Reading List 1 (1492-1860)
Labor Reading List (1860-1905 )

Labor History Links

Slavery Readings
Slavery Time Line
"Slave Labor and Free Labor"
Georgia Slave Codes (1848)
The WPA Slave Narratives
Slave Narrative Comments
Voices from the Days of Slavery

Autobiography of Frederick Douglass
Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (1892 edition)
SparkNotes on The Narrative of Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass Biography
Frederick Douglass Biography--Maryland Online Encyclopedia
Frederick Douglass Family Tree
September 3, 1838 Declaration
"The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro"

Isaac Myers
Isaac Myers Biography
Isaac Myers history
Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock

The Molly Maguires
The Molly Maguires
Molly Maguires Timeline
The Trial of the Molly Maguires
"No Irish Need Apply"

The 1877 Railroad Workers Strike
Strike History--Digital Project

The strike in Pittsburgh--historical photos

The B & O Strike of 1877 in Baltimore
History of the Strike
The Gatling Letter (p. 1)
The Gatling Letter (p. 2)
The Gatling Letter (Transcript)

Irish Shrine and Railroad Workers Museum

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Class Debate Assignment
The Chinese in California
Documents on The Exclusion Act
A History of the Chinese Exclusion Act
Supreme Court Cases on the Act
Chinese Workers in California

The Chicago Beer Riots

The Knights of Labor
Preamble and Principles
Preamble and Platform
The Knights Oath of Membership
The Knights of Labor and the Catholic Church

Labor and "Free Land"

Immigrant Workers
Thomas Bell's Out of This Furnace

The Haymarket Affair
The Haymarket Affair
The Haymarket Trial Transcripts
Testimony Against August Spies
Lucy Parsons
Haymarket Digital Collection
Haymarket Martyrs Monument
Anarchists Archive about Haymarket
"Anarchy's Red Hand"--New York Times May 6, 1886
Michael Schaack. Anarchy and Anarchists (1889)
Altgeld's Justification for Pardons

George DuBois video: Cross-Class Alliances in Baltimore

The Pullman Strike (1894)
An Outline of the Strike

The Rise of Caft Unionism (AFL)
The Bloomington & Normal Trades & Labor Assembly

The Jungle
Outline and Discussion
SparkNotes on The Jungle
Upton Sinclair's EPIC Campaign (1934)

Old Photos of Miners

The Significance of "Loafing": Abbott & Costello