Fall, 2010

CRN 95122 and 95149

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Syllabus--Thursday/UA 602

Current Event Form
The Organizing Model of Political Action

Political Action Vocabulary

Political Action Timeline

The U. S. Constitution
An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (1913)
"Framing the Constitution "
Repeal the 14th Amendment
Don't Repeal the 14th Amendment

Anderson Cooper Debate(video)
Lindsay Graham (R-SC) on the 14th (video)

Alan Keyes (video)

Workers Political Interests
Review of Young America: Land, Labor and the Republican Community
Review # 2 of Young America: Land, Labor and the Republican CommunityWorkers Political Interests
Buzz Hargrove:"Radical Rethink"

Social Inequality and Political Action
"The Big Tilt"

Running A Campaign
Michigan "Open Shop" Campaign
Union's Micro-Targeting--2010
"527 Organizations"
Anti-Business Campaign Issues

Third Parties
Third Parties

The Howard Zinn Controversy
Howard Zinn Obituary (2010)
Howard Zinn: "A Treasure"
Howard Zinn's Biased History

Tips on Lobbying
Class Debate on Lobbying