HISTORY of the 1930s
Spring, 2014
Osher Institute

Syllabus Historical Resources Movies of the 1930s
Extra Credit Assignments Movie Review Format

Instructor's Notes

An Overview of the 1930s
The 1920s
The Great Crash: 1928-1932
The First 100 Days-1934
Social Movements of the 1930s
Foreign Issues
Critics of The New Deal
The Second New Deal (1935-36)
The Election of 1936
The Third New Deal (1937-38)
The Culture of the 30s
The Repeal of the New Deal (1938-40)
The Road to Pearl Harbor (1940-41)
Baltimore in the 1930s

Rexford Tugwell and Greenbelt

Timeline of The Great Depression
The New Deal Network
New Deal Historiography
WPA "Life Histories"

New Deal Preservation Association
100 Greatest Movies of the 1930s

The Great Depression to the Great Recession (YouTube)

Kirstin Downey: Frances Perkins, the Woman Behind the New Deal

The Lost Woody Guthrie Records

Color Photographs 1939-1943
Photos from the Farm Security Administration

The New Deal Newsletter
August, 2012
October, 2012
September, 2012
Winter, 2013
Spring, 2013